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The tine rake implement easily collects debris and smooths lawns in preparation for reseeding and fertilizing. Or put it to work maintaining gravel parking lots, driveways or walking trails on your property.

This compact tractor implement is ideal for smoothing, raking or contouring soil surfaces in preparation for planting or seeding. You can quickly get rid of unwanted surface debris, including rocks, roots, hay, weeds, leaves and small tree limbs. Angle the 3-point rake to pull debris off to the side, straighten it to pull debris into a pile or reverse it to push debris piles out of the way.

The tine rake implement does not require power take-off (PTO). Simply attach it to the 3-point hitch and get started. It rotates a full 360 degrees with five forward and five reverse settings to be pulled or pushed, making it easy to collect and move material. Can be angled or reversed simply by relocating the index pin.